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Everyone should go on vacation every year. Now is a great time to take a vacation and explore the natural beauty. If you've made your decision, go on vacation, but the main question is where? If you want to discover nature's beauty and adventure, Kanatal is the best place to relax as well as discover the natural world. Kanatal, known as the "Heart of Uttarakhand," is the most visited destination in Uttarakhand. Actually, Kanatal is the best peaceful place for tourists, and every year lots of tourists come here with friends and family. The majority of visitors come to explore the magical Hills Station, go trekking, or go bird watching. You will have many resorts to choose from while on vacation. Drona Hills Resort Is The Best Resort In Kanatal, With All Budget-Friendly Accommodations.

Resort In Kanatal

Resort In Kanatal

Uncover the magnificent tradition of Kanatal with Drona Hills Resort, which provides an unforgettable experience in Kanatal Resort, if planning to resort in kanatal. Drona Hills Resort welcomes you to ‘Kanatal’ the land of the bygone era famously known for its vibrant and colorful culture. The city has too much to offer, the music and dance is the crucial element of their culture which is amalgamated with terrific past culture, distinct social customs, and classical music. The language, tradition, and culture are to an extent provoked by the neighboring culture of Sind. The real essence of the city depends on its architecture, culture, music, cuisines, traditions, crafts, and dresses that force people worldwide to once taste the enticing and peaceful life of the Hills. The motive of Drona Hills Resort is the happiness of their visitors, by providing them the best of best service and stay, that undoubtedly be remembered by them for a lifetime.

Resort In Kanatal
Budget Resort In Kanatal

Budget Resort In Kanatal

Looking for Budget Resort Kanatal Drona Hills Resort is the perfect choice for a beautiful and comfortable stay in Kanatal. Our Resorts are very cozy and adaptable. We organize special kind of dinners and theme-based dinners for our esteemed guests. For the adventure lovers we organize "Trekking", we take you to explore the flora and fauna of the Kanatal, to explore the village lifestyle and regional agriculture experiences. Every day will bring new kind of experience for you. Our tariffs are very nominal and pocket-friendly. We provide a 15% discount to individual travelers in case of an advance booking of 60 days. At a time only 2 rooms can be booked using one ID. All the taxes are applicable as per govt. rules. Our rooms are theme based and give a pure experience of the ancient era. We are the best budget resort in Kanatal.Drona Hills Resort welcomes all its guests wholeheartedly. Book resort in Kanatal at Drona Hills Resort.Know about the Safe and Hygienic best resort Kanatal which follows safety measures like Hygienic Rooms, Trained Staff, Sanitized Indoors. Get the Best deals and offers on booking Kanatal Resort & Hotel. Avail Upto 15% OFF.

Resort in Dhanaulti

Welcome to the exotic heights of the Himalayan range. Welcome to Dhanaulti, located just 300 kilometres from the national capital, Delhi. Dhanaulti is one of the best tourist destinations in Uttarakhand. There are a large number of visitors who used to visit here and search for the best deluxe luxury resort in Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand, as they looked for the best experience. If you are also looking for the same, you must try Drona Hills Resort Kanatal, one of the best and cheapest resorts in Dhanaulti. Situated at an altitude of over 8,500 feet above sea level, the beautiful land of Dhanaulti offers an incredible view of the snow-covered mountains and lush green valleys of the Garhwal Himalayas. Along with the spectacular surroundings, the pleasant climate of Dhanaulti is equally welcoming and refreshing. Far away from the dusty environment on the majestic heights, it really takes one away into the dream world that is simply "unimaginable."

luxury resort in Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand, is one of the most searched terms among the visitors to Dhanaulti, as they always want to enjoy their vacations to the fullest. At Dhanaulti, which is one of the most visited places in Uttarakhand, one feels a sense of calmness. One will not find bustling shopping malls, people hurrying for work, commercialization, or destruction of natural beauty here. In winter, it presents a mesmerising sight of snow-covered grounds and trees presenting a white wonderland. Dhanaulti is known for its mesmerising beauty, beautiful sights, verdant forests, invigorating winds, and tranquil weather. It’s a small little town near Mussoorie, relatively unknown to the outside world. Easily accessible by road, train, or even air, it provides the perfect retreat from the hassles of daily life—a perfect place to have a word with nature in its purest form. Dhanaulti is a lovely holiday destination away from the scorching heat, humidity, and pollution laden atmosphere of the metropolises. The best relaxation comes from early morning views of Himalayan peaks and being able to capture them on camera, which no spa can match.

If you are searching for a resort in Dhanaulti, Utatrakhand, then Drona Hills Resort Dhanaulti will be the best option for you as it is famous for the luxurious facilities that it provides to its customers at a very affordable price. Drona Hills Resort is tucked away in the midst of deep forests of oaks. We have ten cottages and five camps on hand. Each cottage or camp has an attached washroom with running water facilities. We provide a 24-hour supply of electricity with adequate backup up facility.In Dhanaulti, the temperature varies from 3 °C to 28 °C. You can visit Dhanaulti anytime throughout the year as the place has a salubrious climate all around. Carry light woollens for a visit in the summer and heavy woollens if you are planning a visit to Dhanaulti during the winter. You can be blessed with snowfall at Dhanaulti in December, January, and February. Monsoon months receive heavy rainfall to nourish the greenery of this region, making it a must-watch destination. The food served at Drona Hills Resort is absolutely yummy and hygienically prepared. Our food is our USP. Our food menu consists of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. We enjoy changing our menus based on the preferences of our guests. Dining Room Dining is an interesting affair in separate and spacious buffet form. Full-course vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffet meals are served. Delicious and multi cuisine dishes—Indian and Tandoori—are prepared by trained chefs.

Feel Free & Safe
Our trusted hospitality staff and 24x7 security with CCTV surveillance help you enjoy your vacations hassle-free. We strictly follow COVID-19 protocols to ensure the protection of visitors and staff. All the surfaces are regularly sanitized, and the bedding is regularly washed. In the case of international visitors, a negative RT-PCR test is crucial for staying at our resort. At the entrance of our resort, we are required to wear a mask and undergo thermal screening.

So just follow the protocols and enjoy your dream holidays to their fullest.